New arrivals 2017.03.13.


Archaosifer - Le Heraut de Sa Volonte
Black Shadow - Against the god – In the name of Darkness!
Deathincarnation - Pandemic Blight
Fulgurum - Człowiekskrywazło
Hjel - Kalte Asche
Mourning Soul - Kisulen
Rusting Sun - Far from all light
Vérzivatar - Carmina Nocte Mages
Witches Sabbath - Witches Sabbath


Release plans for 2017

Out in March:

Ov Shadows - Monologues
Debut EP of this unique swedish horde. 200pcs of black factory tapes.

Further plans:

Niedergang - Átszellemülés
Second full-lenght of the emerging hungarian black metal band. 200pcs of black factory tapes, some with limited edition slipcase.

Os - Debut material
First material from hungarian death worshippers. More information soon.
Rehearsal recording available:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78NLGoM3E_8

Hold - Végtelenség
Four song EP recording of one-man BFBMK band. More informations soon.

Nemere - Vérmező
Long delayed first full-lenght.


Distro update 2016.10.05.


Age Of Agony – For the Forgotten
Aggressive Mutilator – Crushed by Tyranny
Austere / Isolation - Bleak... SPLIT
Bustum – Demonolosophy
Caedes Cruenta - Ερείπια Ψυχών
Coffin Dust – This Cemetery, My Kingdom
Coffin Dust – Eeverything is Dead
Confrontation - Fieseler Fi 103
Goatdominator – Temple Of The Goat / In Goat We Trust
Istridaj – Muerte Mundi Militia
Offence - R.A.W.
Terrorfront - Bomb-A
Veldraveth – Malformations of God


Dominus Ira - Gallery of Infernal Grotesque A5-box
Dominus Ira - Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris
Pro Inferi - Diaboliad


OUT NOW! Black Winter / Human Serpent - Conscious Self-destruction Of The New World SPLIT Tape

The alliance of two greek horde manifested in edition of 200 pro-tapes (100 black and 100 white). Black Winter comes back from the long silence with two new songs. Human Serpent made a tribute to Charles Baudelaire with a longer and exciting track.


Distro update 2016.03.31.


Cyrpt Of Silence - Beyond Shades
Orcrist - Catacomb
Paganfire - Ang Susupil! Ang Kikitil!


Anti Flesh - With Knowledge And 1000 Needles
Domains - Sinister Ceremonies
Old Throne - O Novo Mundo Pagao
Orthodoxy - Shaarimoth
Sulferon - Havoc Invocatum


Forgotten Chapel zine - Issue 9#
Forgotten Path zine - Issue 7#


Plans for the near future....

Angelcunt - Abrahamic Decay EP
Black Winter / Human Serpent - Consious Self-destruction Of The New World SPLIT
Hold - new EP
Niedergang - Átszellemülés Full-lenght
Os - debut demo


Niedergang - Átszellemülés album preview

Niedergang's second album manifested finally. With their unique style and their sweeping negative energy, now they have been one of the leading black metal bands in Hungary. Will be released soon on Funeral Chants Productions in cassette format.

Preview available here: