Human Serpent - Inhumane Minimalism OUT NOW!

One year after the first album, the second full-length arrived now from the emerging band of the greek black metal scene. Another step on their own path what has summoned by the triangle of misanthropy, nihilism and hatred.

Comes out in 200 pro-printed cassettes, the first 50 order get an extra patch.

Price 3€.

The whole material listenable here: http://humanserpent.bandcamp.com/

Distro update 2015.08.20.


Agonia - O Adormecer Eterno
Cidium - Izvrnuta Liturgija
Decayed - Chaos Underground
Defuntos - Vidas Vazias... Almas Perdidas...
Devastator - Conjuring Evil
Devastator - Nuclear Proliferation
Disrupted - Heavy Death
Earth Plague - Death to All!
Engulfed - Through The Eternal Damnation
Formorket - Into The Frozen Shadows
Grimness - Ashes of a Black Cult
Human Serpent - Inhumane Minimalism
Kingdom - Morbid Priest Of Supreme Blasphemy
Mystagog - ...of old
Oksennus - Valkoinen jättiläinen
Purulent Rites - '13
Schwarzlose - Dry rotten echoes of absurd vomitism
Tundra - Primordial
Veér - 27
Vérzivatar - Komor felhők árnyékában/In the shadow of sombre clouds
Vérzivatar - Transcendent Infection


Subterranean Teberzis zine Issue 2#