Distro update 2016.10.05.


Age Of Agony – For the Forgotten
Aggressive Mutilator – Crushed by Tyranny
Austere / Isolation - Bleak... SPLIT
Bustum – Demonolosophy
Caedes Cruenta - Ερείπια Ψυχών
Coffin Dust – This Cemetery, My Kingdom
Coffin Dust – Eeverything is Dead
Confrontation - Fieseler Fi 103
Goatdominator – Temple Of The Goat / In Goat We Trust
Istridaj – Muerte Mundi Militia
Offence - R.A.W.
Terrorfront - Bomb-A
Veldraveth – Malformations of God


Dominus Ira - Gallery of Infernal Grotesque A5-box
Dominus Ira - Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris
Pro Inferi - Diaboliad


OUT NOW! Black Winter / Human Serpent - Conscious Self-destruction Of The New World SPLIT Tape

The alliance of two greek horde manifested in edition of 200 pro-tapes (100 black and 100 white). Black Winter comes back from the long silence with two new songs. Human Serpent made a tribute to Charles Baudelaire with a longer and exciting track.


Distro update 2016.03.31.


Cyrpt Of Silence - Beyond Shades
Orcrist - Catacomb
Paganfire - Ang Susupil! Ang Kikitil!


Anti Flesh - With Knowledge And 1000 Needles
Domains - Sinister Ceremonies
Old Throne - O Novo Mundo Pagao
Orthodoxy - Shaarimoth
Sulferon - Havoc Invocatum


Forgotten Chapel zine - Issue 9#
Forgotten Path zine - Issue 7#


Plans for the near future....

Angelcunt - Abrahamic Decay EP
Black Winter / Human Serpent - Consious Self-destruction Of The New World SPLIT
Hold - new EP
Niedergang - Átszellemülés Full-lenght
Os - debut demo